By: Gail Clayton, R.Ph., M.S.

Pharmacist/Nutritionist at Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care

Before I changed careers from Pharmacist to Nutritionist, I paid no attention to the food that I ate. I believed what I was taught in Pharmacy School that drugs were the key to longevity and health, until I got sick myself. After exhausting all the pharmacological treatments that conventional medicine had to offer with no relief for my illness, I turned to natural medicine and diet and regained my health. To my surprise, not only did I start to feel better, but in addition, my skin, hair, and nails started to glow and look young and alive again! Here are the 5 biggest changes I made in my diet:

#1 – I stopped drinking diet sodas – I used to drink 4 Diet Coke’s daily. I didn’t know that aspartame was so toxic! One of the ingredients in aspartame is methanol which is metabolized to formaldehyde in the body. The EPA sets a limit of 7.2mg exposure of formaldehyde daily, but the methanol in a can of Diet Coke is metabolized to over 14mg formaldehyde! I wonder why the EPA doesn’t send a memo to the FDA to disallow this toxic ingredient in our food supply?

#2 – I started drinking eight 8oz glasses of water daily – Water is the most abundant nutrient in the body. As we age, we lose our thirst sensation and become dehydrated way before we get the signal that we are thirsty. All of our cells need to be fully hydrated to work properly, but our skin will look older, dry, and may even break out with bumps, rashes, or red spots due to lack of water intake.

#3- I stopped eating processed foods and ate organic as much as possible with 5-7 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit daily. This is part of any healthy diet plan. Processed foods are full of sugar and saturated fats which are pro-inflammatory and much of the nutrients are removed in the processing, so we are getting the calories but not the nutrition that our food should provide. It may be hard to justify the extra expense of eating organic, but recent studies have shown that GMOs, pesticides, and glyphosate (in Round-Up®) are correlated with the rise of all chronic illnesses and diseases including ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many neurological and mood disorders. These chemicals disrupt the normal flora in our GI tract that make beneficial nutrients for us, and they increase the toxic load causing inflammation in our body that affects our health and our skin.

#4- I started eating more Omega 3 foods – fish, flax, chia, hemp – The ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 in the average American diet is 16:1 which is pro-inflammatory (a healthy ratio is 4:1). Omega 3s are the anti-inflammatory fat and a deficiency is seen in many auto-immune conditions. I noticed an improvement not only in my skin and hair, but also in my improved mood! Our brain is 75% fat and an imbalance of healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats contributes to depression and other mood disorders.

#5 – I started taking multi-vitamins and a few supplements that help decrease inflammation in the body that also made my hair, skin, & nails shine. Here is a list of what I take:

Multi-Vitamins – Ask me about professional grade multi-vitamins that are found here at Radiance. They include herbals designed to decrease inflammation and support a healthy heart.

Tocotrienols – A special class of Vitamin E that squashes free radicals in the cardiovascular system. At Radiance, we carry a particular form of Vitamin E that has 40 times higher affinity to cellular membrane for repair. I take it orally (2 capsules daily) and I use the cream topically for beautiful smooth looking skin.

Biotin – This nutrient is essential for fatty acid synthesis, which is needed for hair & nails, but few people know how fabulous this nutrient is for helping make more energy in the body, giving us more mental clarity, and to helping to regulate glucose control in the liver that helps to squash carbohydrate cravings too!  At Radiance we carry only professional Pharmaceutical grade Biotin.

Antioxidants – For beautiful skin, better cognition, better sleep, and overall better immune response. They are great for allergies and digestive issues too! Radiance carries a special blend anti-oxidant product designed especially to support the immune system for a regulated immune response. Ask us about it!

Come by Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care today to pick up these supplements and to make an appointment with me to discuss how I can help you find the root cause of your health issues and help to restore your health and beauty!