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Radiance Advanced Skin and Body Care offers laser hair removal services for patients in the Spring, Woodlands, Houston and surrounding areas of Texas.

The hassle of razors and the pain of waxing, not to mention the compounding price, hardly seem worth the temporary results. The best way to remove unwanted hair from any area of your body is with laser hair removal. Here at Radiance, we use Advanced Fluorescent Technology—a state of the art series of six treatments that will you leave you feeling smooth.

What Should I Do Before Laser Hair Removal in Texas?

Prior to your laser hair removal appointment in Houston, Woodlands and Spring you cannot tweeze, wax or tan the area. We also ask that you shave the area to be lasered before your visit; an additional charge will apply for shaving.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Texas?

Our patients begin a complimentary consultation to learn the ins and outs of laser haire removal, as well as decide the areas of concern. Radiance offers the following pricing structure for laser hair removal in Houston, Woodlands, and Spring:

Also, be sure to ask about our 10% discount with a prepaid series of 6 treatments!

  • Arms (full): $350
  • Arms (upper): $250
  • Back (upper): $400
  • Upper Back & Shoulders: $500
  • Back (lower): $250
  • Bikini line: $130
  • Bikini (partial): $140
  • Brazilian: $200
  • Abdomen (Full): $200
  • Abdomen (Mid-line): $80
  • Breasts: $100
  • Center of Brow: $80
  • Derriere: $280
  • Chest: $400
  • Chin: $100
  • Chin and Lip: $150
  • Ears: $80
  • Face (sides): $110
  • Face (full): $250
  • Fingers: $135
  • Legs (full): $600
  • Legs (lower): $300
  • Nape of Neck: $135
  • Neck (front): $190
  • Shoulders: $180
  • Thigh (inner): $200
  • Under Arms: $150
  • Upper Lip: $80
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