Osteoporosis – What You Really Need to Know By Dr. Bobbie Stowe

When it comes to bone loss and diseases, what you hear and read isn’t always what you really need to know. There are countless advertisements that tell you all you need to keep from developing bone loss or osteoporosis (OP) are calcium and vitamin D. But is that it? Those two nutrients – just those two and OP is a thing of the past? Nope, not at all! OP is a very complicated disease and there are more than a dozen nutrients that are involved in the process of bone formation. In fact, OP is a process that starts for all of us at about 30 years of age. Around that time, most people will have about all of the bone density they will ever have. If you didn’t have a good foundation of bone before that time, then you might be in trouble, because from that point on, it is a matter of how much bone you lose or don’t lose. The better nutrition you have through diet or supplementation, the less likely you will develop a bone density problem. But in today’s stressful life, with poor eating habits and many drugs that interfere with the vitamins and minerals needed to keep our bones strong, many of us are developing OP and making our golden years much less enjoyable.

The following nutrients that are vital in delaying the loss of bone for all people: Calcium, Magnesium, vitamins, D, K, C, B12, and A, Zinc, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Boron and essential fatty acids. A deficiency in a few of these nutrients and OP is possible. However, a deficiency in several of these nutrients and OP is almost a sure thing. In addition, there are several other factors that make OP a strong possibility: High levels of stress, too much salt in the diet (primarily from processed foods), too high a metabolite called Homocysteine, too low a pH (making the body more acidic), smoking, too much alcohol, and NSAIDs, just to name a few.

At Radiance, we have tests to determine if you have nutritional deficiencies and we can offer steps to assist in reducing the amount of bone loss that occurs as we age. After determining your unique needs through testing, we can put you on a program of good diet, exercise and Designs for Health supplementation.

It is up to you to take the first step, take responsibility for your health and be proactive in your endeavor to keep OP at bay. No one has to be a victim! Call Radiance today and take charge of your health!