pH – What is it and Why Should We Care By Dr. Bobbie Stowe

Our bodies are probably one of the most complicated systems in the entire universe. Just think for a moment – from the union of two cells, there you sit, with trillions of cells and a body that functions, non-stop for decades. But what happens when something in this system we call the body doesn’t function properly? Basically this means that you have a disease process or in other words, the body is out of balance with itself. Many times, this imbalanced is caused by things that we inadvertently do to ourselves and one of the things that individuals tend to do that causes harm, is to produce too much acid within the body. Too much acid is produced when we don’t eat right with foods that are processed, contain additives, contain empty calories, and foods like dairy, sugars and grains, and when we do not drink enough water and by not doing enough exercise. So then the question becomes, what harm does having an acidic body cause? And the answer is substantial.

pH is a way to measure the amount of acidity that is in the body and pH answers the question as to whether or not our body is in balance. Too much acidity causes harm to the body by causing your cells not to function properly and that is the definition of disease. And what are some of the diseases that can be caused by having an acidic body? Well to name a few, diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and cancer. Hormones and enzymes within the body can’t function properly, thus causing additional dysfunction to the systems of the body. The damage caused by improper pH balance can take years or decades to develop into a disease process and develop into symptoms but make no mistake that cellular damage is being done and in the end, that severe damage will cause our bodies to fail. But the good news is that low pH – being acidic – is a very easy test and almost as easy to correct; but first, you have to know your pH number.

Please join us on May 17th at Radiance to learn more about pH, how to test and determine if you have an acidic body and if so, how to make the necessary corrections in an effort to become more healthy.