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cosmedixCosmedix delivers advanced skin care in a “chirally correct” formula. Chirally correct insures that the molecules of ingredients used in this line produce only the positive effects associated with them, thus dramatically reducing the chance for irritation.



glymedGlyMed Plus is a technologically advanced skin care line with tremendous ability to successfully treat acne as well as fight the signs of aging. Only pure, all natural ingredients are used and all products in the line are manufactured under strict pharmaceutical guidelines.



mineralogieMineralogie is “good for the skin” makeup and is a natural product with fabulous coverage and a beautiful finish. A SPF 26 affords your skin a high level of sun protection. This talc, dye and perfume free formula covers the face with a flawless finish and allows you to wear makeup that actually nourishes your skin.



revitalashRevitalash was created by an ophthalmologist for his wife who lost her eyelashes due to chemotherapy. This phenomenal cosmesceutical product will make your eyelashes longer and thicker. With nightly application to the eyelash line, you will see noticeable results in three to four weeks.



clarisonicClarisonic MD skin cleansing brush achieves unparalleled cleansing of the pores aiding in acne treatments and allowing better penetration of any skin care products enhancing the results.




md-rescriptivesMD Prescriptives is a new line with a simple philosophy – create a clinician and consumer friendly product, based on the latest science, based on clinical experience in thousands of patients spanning over several decades, using the most bio-available forms at therapeutic doses, regardless of their cost and offer them at a reasonable price.



life-extensionLife Extension is a global authority on nutrition, health and wellness As well as a provider of scientific information on anti-aging supplements And therapies. They supply only the highest quality nutritional Supplements, including minerals, vitamins, herbs and hormones.



biofreezeBiofreeze Pain Reliever offers temporary relief of minor aches and pains related to: Back, Shoulder, and Neck strains, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Elbow joint discomfort, Muscle sprains and strains And temporary relief from pain associated with: Arthritis, Bursitis, Diabetic neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis.



opiOPI is renowned globally for its Nail Lacquers, with each shade created with impeccable color forecasting as a priority. OPI is committed to providing customers with the finest quality in products.

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