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Allergies can be a Real Pain!

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When we get a sudden wrenching pain in our gut, it not only hurts, it worries us. The most common causes of abdominal pain are indigestion, constipation, stomach flu, menstrual cramps, food poisoning, food allergies, gas, lactose intolerance, and ulcers. But what is it this time? There is so much going on down there! Stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, appendix! What is happening???

Let’s try to narrow it down by locating the pain:

Navel: Possibly related to a small intestine disorder or an inflammation of your appendix.

Upper mid-abdomen: Possible stomach inflammation or disorder. Persistent upper middle abdomen pain may be related to your pancreas or gallbladder.

Upper left abdomen: Pain in this area is uncommon, but may signal a stomach, colon, spleen or pancreas problem.

Upper right abdomen: Possibly related to inflammation of your gallbladder, and pain may extend to your back. On occasion, pain could be caused by an inflamed pancreas, colon or duodenum.

Lower mid- abdomen: Pain that spreads to either side below your navel can indicate a colon disorder, kidney stones or urinary tract infection.

Lower left abdomen: Possible problem with your lower colon, where waste is expelled. This could include inflammatory bowel disease or diverticulitis.

Lower right abdomen: Pain in this area may be caused by inflammation of the bowel, spreading pain from appendicitis, or hernia. Ovarian cyst, tumor or ectopic pregnancy can also manifest as pain in the lower abdomen.

More than likely, we just have everyday discomfort associated with eating too much and possibly eating the wrong things.

Recent studies show that as many as 30% of Americans who experience seasonal allergies or “hay fever” are also allergic to raw foods and don’t even know it! When we have an allergy attack caused by inhaling grass, weed or tree pollen, our immune system goes into overdrive and begins overproducing histamines and other chemicals. Vegetables and fruits that contain the very same proteins found in various pollens can also cause a similar, localized reaction. Very simply put, if ragweed makes to sneeze, cantaloupe may too! Or it may make your throat swell, or it may make your belly ache.

Fortunately, not all allergy patients are sensitive to all the foods that contain pollen-related proteins. Some people react to just one or two foods. But, unlike nasal allergies which are usually limited to high pollen seasons, food reactions can happen year-round.

The protein in ragweed pollen is related to the chemicals in cantaloupe, banana, sunflower seeds, zucchini and cucumber. Grass pollen is related to peaches, celery, melons, tomatoes and oranges. Some tree pollen is related to a large number of vegetables, fruits and nuts, including potatoes, celery, walnuts, apples, pears, peaches and cherries.

At Radiance, Dr. Bobbie Stowe, our Functional Medicine Doctor, will work with you to discover if you are suffering from specific food allergies or sensitivities that are causing stomach pain or other issues, and prohibiting you from enjoying a full and radiant lifestyle. He can design a plan for you to “cleanse and begin again,” as well as prescribe digestive enzymes, probiotics and vitamins from our wonderful Designs for Health and Life Extension supplement lines that will get you back on track for the New Year!

At Radiance We Vow to Eat Clean in 2013!

Pure water in non-BPA containers, fresh organic (if possible) fruits and veggies, wild sourced fish, nuts, seeds, and lean organic meats are always on our table. We vow to know our own bodies, and know what good foods we can tolerate well and what we can’t. This will go a long way toward cleaning up those gut issues!

When to Seek Further Help for Stomach Ailments

Call your medical provider immediately if you have:

  • Pain accompanied by shortness of breath, dizziness, bleeding, vomiting or high fever
  • Sudden or severe abdominal pain
  • Abdominal pain that radiates to your chest, neck or shoulder
  • Vomiting blood
  • Blood in your stool or urine
  • Black stool
  • Swollen or tender abdomen

Radiance is proud to be your beauty and wellness destination in 2013


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