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Fall Nail Trends

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Everybody was thrilled to see nail art come back last year. People everywhere were flocking to the Kardashians Instagram pages to see what nail trends they should support that week. Everything from pearls on fingernails to stilleto nails have been popular in a big way. However, with fall here, there’s a completely different nail trend that’s taking over the beauty world. Read on to learn more.


It might be painful, but it’s time to kiss the funky nail art goodbye. Instead, fall is all about the minimalist nail look including colors like nudes, sheers, and yes, even just a really glossy top coat! Although it might sound a bit bland, fall is all about showing off your natural beauty and bringing attention to your features in a much more subtle way. So, what are you going to do with all of your nail art supplies? Hold on to them for now because you never know what’s going to be in style next season.


Although you might be obsessed with drammatically long acrylic fingernails, those are unfortunately not in style this season. Instead, a short and semi-rounded fingernail shape is in style— leaving you with the opportunity to air out your nails and give them a break from those hard on your hands acrylics.


If you do want to go for some kind of nail art, think of something a bit more subtle. For instance, ombre nails are in. However, it can be fairly complicated to create this gradual change of colors look. So instead, head to the salon to have a professional take a stab at this whole ombre trend and see if it’s all it is cracked up to be.

Want some color?

If you simply can’t hop on the “nude” nail trend wagon, have no fear, there are plenty of deep fall hues for you to choose from. For instance, pick either a plum color, dark forest green, or even a dark shade of navy blue to help enhance your fingernails without having to feel quite so bland.

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