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Happy Healthy Holidays

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We spend all year diligently watching our fat and calorie intake. We go to the gym. We do squats and (gasp!) burpees. We check the scale. We check ourselves out in the mirror. We congratulate ourselves on our self-control. And then they hit: The Holidays!

Don’t let the few weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year sabotage all your efforts to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Radiance Rules for a Healthy Holiday Season

Avoid the Sugar Coaster – When we eat too many carbs, processed foods, or sugary snacks, we flood our bloodstream with high levels of sugar. This can create sudden spikes and drops in our glucose levels, sometimes causing fatigue and irritability. How many of us can do little more than sprawl on the couch and stare at the game after a huge holiday feast?  Then, when all that sugar leaves our system, we are left feeling even hungrier than ever! Good choices at the buffet table will help you avoid this roller coaster and stay full longer.

Start Light – Appetizers are paved with good intentions. Veggies, fruit, and shrimp are excellent choices until you dip them in high fat dressings and cheesy sauces. There are great new hummus choices and countless recipes to be found for dips using yogurt in place of sour cream.  Pinterest, anyone?

BYOF – The season offers many opportunities to share meals and recipes with your friends and family. When the occasion calls for it, take something healthy and delicious to the party, and then eat it yourself!

Green Means Lean – Unless it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. But it’s not, so fill up on salads and veggies. Colorful vegetables are especially good for their high antioxidant content. Watch out for stealth diet-busters on salads such as cheese, croutons, and bacon, which seems to be turning up everywhere! Remember, just because its paleo doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Go Fro – In winter when fresh produce is scare, don’t be afraid to try frozen fruits and veggies. We still need them in our daily diet and frozen berries are great, right? Always check the sodium content in any frozen foods before you put them in your cart.

Watch the Liquid Diet – Sodas, alcohol, and lattes are rife with calories. Water is your best friend. It combats the inevitable holiday fatigue, keeps your skin and joints hydrated, maintains the smooth operation of important organs such as your brain and kidneys, and keeps you feeling full.

Travel Lite – If your holidays involve a road trip, be sure to plan and pack healthy snacks to take the edge off. Nothing can undermine a healthy lifestyle like a drive-through window! Think yogurt, bananas, apples, fresh cut veggies, baby carrots, rice cakes, and quality protein bars. Be sure to check ingredients on all processed foods for hidden calories and chemicals.

Don’t Stop – We all know how hard it is to get back in the exercise habit once we stop. So keep moving. On the road? You can always find a gym, a set of stairs, a jogging trail, a mall, a basketball court, or even a city block anywhere you go.

Here to Help – If you have unexplained weight gain even before the holidays hit, you may have hidden food allergies. Middle age can also contribute to unwanted weight gain. Hormone therapy may be the answer. Ask Dr. Tamyra Comeaux about bio-identical hormone pellets for both men and women.

Need More? – Here at Radiance we offer The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. Our medical professionals will guide you through a successful weight loss program designed just for you. CoolSculpting is the only non-invasive FDA approved treatment for permanent fat removal. The targeted cooling process kills fat cells, leaving the skin and surrounding tissue unharmed. It is ideal for those pesky pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

And Finally – It’s hard to be good every day! We all indulge occasionally. Forgive yourself and move on. Give thanks that you are able to indulge. Give to those who are less fortunate. Please go to The Montgomery County Food Bank or Interfaith of the Woodlands to see how you can help close to home.



All of us at Radiance wish you a happy healthy holiday season.

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