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Losing your Hair?

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Sudden hair loss can signal an underlying health condition that may require treatment. Most people normally lose between 50 and 100 hairs each day. You’re probably not stopping to count, but you know if your shower drain is filling up more than it used to. It’s frustrating for both men and women. It’s enough to make you want to tear out what you have left!

What causes it?

Well, age and heredity, of course! Other causes of hair loss include hormonal factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, change in birth control pills and peri-menopause. Health conditions that can promote hair loss are under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism), autoimmune disorders such as alopecia and lupus, diabetes, and skin infections including ringworm.

Physical trauma such as surgery, an accident, or sudden weight loss can cause hair loss as well. Hair has a natural three phase life cycle: growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase. When you have a really stressful event, it can shock the hair cycle into the shedding phase. Often you won’t notice until several months after the trauma.

Emotional stress is less likely to cause hair loss but it can exacerbate the problem if it already exists. Do what you can to reduce your stress. Take time to yourself, enjoying whatever brings you peace and pleasure (and brings down your blood pressure!)

Harsh hair treatments, infrequent cuts, and extremely hot hair tools can contribute to hair breakage and loss. Be sure you are using salon quality products that are paraben and sulfate-free, such as Unite Eurotherapy shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products, that can be found here at The Salon at Radiance. Good quality haircuts every six to eight weeks can go a long way toward keeping your hair healthy.

Poor nutrition and the imbalance of certain minerals and protein in your diet may also be factors in hair loss. Be sure you are getting a diet rich in lean protein, colorful vegetables and leafy greens.

Many pharmaceuticals are guilty of causing or exacerbating hair loss. These include medications to treat cancer, arthritis, depression, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. So we circle back to aging. Unfortunately as we age, our physicians prescribe more and more pharmaceutical drugs that may have that undesirable side effect!

Getting to the root of the problem

Two things are needed to find the source of your hair loss: blood tests and clinical history. Dr. Tamyra Comeaux can order tests to determine your levels of iron, ferritin, zinc, B12, folic acid, thyroid and other hormones. During your consultation, be sure to mention any recent life changes or major stresses in your life, and family history of diabetes, asthma, arthritis, lupus, vitiligo, anemia, or Addison’s disease. Also bring a list of your medications and supplements.

Radiance offers natural solutions

We now offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for hair restoration. It is a revolutionary non-surgical option for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. Your own PRP is used to stimulate hair growth. When applied to the scalp, PRP causes miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust hair growth. You will experience results after just one treatment!

Radiance also offers the Laser Cap®, which uses low level laser light therapy (LLLT) to stimulate and preserve hair follicles. It has 224 low level laser lights built inside a flexible dome shaped membrane which provides LLLT exposure to the entire scalp for undeniable results. It only takes twenty minutes, three times a week, to see results. You can even wear it outside under a hat or cap and only you will know!

Visit The Salon at Radiance for expert hair care and professional products to keep your locks in shape longer. Ask our stylists about Viviscal Dietary Supplements which contain the proprietary AminoMar® marine complex, plus a blend of vital nutrients that nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth.

Whatever the reasons for your hair loss, Radiance has solutions!

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