4 Ways To Get Your Body Back!

4 ways you can shed those extra Covid pounds we all gained during quarantine.

4 Ways To Get Your Body Back!

Time to get ready for a post COVID world! Who among us has not put on a few pounds, what with our new stay-at-home baking (and eating!) hobby??? We have all gotten older in the past couple of months, and we have not had access to our favorite gyms, tennis courts, and yoga studios. What to do?

Four suggestions to get your body ready for the new normal.

  1. Ideal Protein. A scientifically based weight loss program that provides education and coaching will take the guess work out of weight reduction. This proven and successful weight loss program has helped thousands achieve their weight loss goals and keep the weight off with its unique stabilization and maintenance program.
  • CoolSculpting. Reduce those unwanted pockets of fat!  Weight loss causes the existing fat cells to shrink, but they are still there ready to enlarge again with weight gain. CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared fat freezing technology that destroys and eliminates the fat cells.
  • CoolTone.This noninvasive body contouring treatment uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles of the abs, buttocks, and thighs. Whether you are unable to exercise or want to get to the next level, CoolTone can help you get there.
  • NuEra tight. This is a temperature-controlled radio frequency skin smoothing system that uses radio frequency to treat cellulite, tighten skin and reduce volume. Perfect for smoothing and tightening skin on the abs, thighs, arms, and more!

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