Go Red at Radiance

It's important to know the signs of heart problems. Heart health is essential to overall wellness and we support the fight for the cure at Radiance!

Heart health is important this month and every month!

Women often don’t realize they are having a heart attack because the symptoms are different than those a man might experience. Further, it’s possible (and shameful) that they may not be taken seriously by a physician or at an emergency room, because the symptoms can be confusing and indicative of so many different things.

Know the symptoms

Chest pain or discomfort. This is the most common heart attack symptom, but women experience it differently than men. It may feel like a squeezing or fullness, and the pain can be anywhere in the chest, not just on the left side.

Pain in your arms, back, neck, or jaw. This type of pain is more common in women than in men. The pain can be gradual or sudden, and it may come and go.

Stomach pain.Women often mistake stomach pain with heartburn, flu, or other stomach upset. At times, women experience severe abdominal pressure.

Shortness of breath, nausea, or lightheadedness. If you’re having trouble breathing for no apparent reason, you could be having a heart attack, especially if you’re also having one or more other symptoms

Sweating. Breaking out in a nervous, cold sweat is common among women who are having a heart attack.

Fatigue. Some women feel extremely tired, even if they haven’t exerted themselves.

So wear red and come see us at Radiance. Thank you for voting Radiance the #1 Medical Spa in The Woodlands!