Heavenly Help with Angel Reach

Our charity of choice, Angel Reach, is empowering local youth for a brighter future!

Here at Radiance, there are many different charities that we are happy to donate to throughout the year for events like fundraisers and silent auctions. While they are all very important to us, there is one particular organization that holds a special place in our hearts. 

Angel Reach is a faith-based non-profit organization whose mission is to support local children and youth between the ages of 16-24 to achieve their full potential in spite of obstacles that may exist in their lives such as broken families and a broken system. Radiance donates a portion of our earnings to Angel Reach every month. 

Who is Angel Reach? 

Angel Reach is an organization consisting of numerous staff members and volunteers who are all passionate about the same thing: creating brighter, more successful futures for children who struggle to achieve the same goals and opportunities as many of their peers due to circumstances outside of their control, and to aid in their transition out of the foster care system. 

Angel Reach was founded in Conroe, Texas by loving foster parents Sandra Carpenter and Deborah Zempel initially as a way to help other foster parents with the needs of their children as they transitioned in and out of their homes. Since it was founded, Angel Reach has expanded to multiple programs all designed to help youth and foster families. 

What they Do

Angel Reach provides many resources to vulnerable youth who haven’t had any guidance from parents or mentors. The Community Youth Outreach Resource Center is a place where these young people can learn about the necessary skills to live successful adult lives, such as finding jobs, finding housing, enrolling in higher education, purchasing an automobile, budgeting, and more. 

Angel Reach also offers a transitional living program for young people who have aged out of the foster care system and do not have a plan for where they will live. This temporary residence offered by Angel Reach, along with assistance in things like education, job opportunities, life skills, and more, ensure that these youth go on to live successful and productive adult lives.

Nearly 50% of children who age out of the system end up homeless due to a lack of resources and help. Over 50% do not finish high school, have a job, or possess any adult life skills or knowledge. Angel Reach is seeking to decrease these numbers and help create more happy well-adjusted youth. 

In addition to these programs, Angel Reach also offers the Kinship Care program which offers resources and guidance to families who regain custody of children who were once in the foster system. Families of children who were in the system receive no help from the government once they are reunited with their relatives. Angel Reach provides valuable resources including food, clothing, and home repairs. 

How You Can Get Involved

Statistically, children who age out of the foster care system are more likely to deal with hardships such as homelessness, lack of education, lack of employment, incarceration, teen pregnancy, and addiction and substance abuse. 

With the help of Angel Reach, countless young people have been able to avoid these statistics and have been given the tools to succeed in the future and thrive as adults. 

Radiance is proud to donate to Angel Reach monthly and there are several ways that you can help as well. You can become a volunteer or mentor for Angel Reach and assist in any of the programs. You can also shop at the Angel’s Loft clothing and home furnishings store in Conroe. All proceeds from the store go to Angel Reach, you can donate gently used items to the store as well. For more information, please visit their website at angelreach.org.