How to Get a Summer Body with Body

This blog is all about the different treatments offered with Body by Radiance! Get the body you want for the summertime!

This summer, it’s finally time to achieve your optimal, sculpted body.

With warm weather comes swimsuit season. On one hand, it’s nice to finally be able to enjoy spending time outside again. On the other hand, if you’re insecure about your body, it’s difficult to live your life to the fullest when you’re too busy worrying about how your clothes fit.

Meet Body : Radiance’s comprehensive wellness program helps you lose fat, build muscle, and sculpt your figure.

The program includes five services:

Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a weight management plan that will help trim excess fat and get you closer to your goal weight. It re-educates you about your body, your metabolism, and how you should be eating in order to maintain your weight loss.

You’ll learn when, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; which foods are best suited for healthy weight management; and how your body fat is burned. The result? You’ll lose weight and keep it off because you’ve learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term.


CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical, non-invasive technology to reduce stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercise and diet. It uses low temperatures to destroy fat cells in the treatment area. Every time your fat cells are treated, your body naturally flushes them out of your system and your body becomes leaner and more contoured.

CoolSculpting may also improve the appearance of cellulite. The procedure does not use needles or surgery and does not require an extended recovery period.

NuEra Tight

NuEra Tight is a temperature-controlled radiofrequency skin smoothing system that treats cellulite, tightens skin, and reduces volume.

NuEra’s advanced radiofrequency system delivers powerful waves to heat the skin’s superficial or deeper layers, depending on the patient’s condition. The RF energy boosts collagen production, which helps with skin laxity and dimpling.

Z Wave

Z Wave is a clinically-tested, FDA-approved Radial Pulse Therapy (RPT) treatment offered exclusively in The Woodlands by Radiance. It treats fat and cellulite by directing powerful shockwaves at the problem areas. These pulses break down body fat and cellulite’s fibrous connective tissue, which encourages the body to naturally reduce the fat cells in the treatment area.

At Radiance, we often use Z Wave in conjunction with CoolSculpting to improve fat reduction and to tone and define the treatment area. This treatment is quick, painless, and relaxing. It only takes a few minutes, but it’s a very powerful technology. Results are usually visible after two or three sessions.


CoolTone works by using high-frequency electromagnetic muscle stimulation to trigger muscle contractions that tone the muscles in a specific area. When it comes to body sculpting in the gym, it can sometimes be hard to effectively tone all areas; the goal of CoolTone is to help achieve more toning in these difficult areas.

The treatment uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to trigger muscle contractions similar to a workout — only much more intense! If you’re treating your abdomen, one CoolTone session would equal about 1,000 crunches.

Don’t spend this summer wishing you had the confidence to make the most of it. Get your dream body and find your confidence with Body at Radiance!