How to Repair Your Hair from: Damage, Dryness, and Flaking

This blog is all about treatments offered at Radiance that help the health of your hair!

We talk a lot about how important it is to take great care of our skin and have regular treatments, but we also need to show the same love to our hair! Hair can be a huge source of confidence or insecurity. At Radiance, we want you to feel your best from head to toe! 

At the Salon at Radiance our expert hair stylists are skilled at not only coloring and cutting hair, but also offering incredible treatments that will renew and invigorate your hair and your scalp! If you’re suffering from damaged, dry, or flaky hair or scalp, we can help! 

Scalp Renewal

Our scalps can really take a beating from all of the color and products we put in our hair over the years. Dandruff is a very common problem, and much of the time it can be caused by a buildup of products that get caked onto the scalp and then eventually flake off. This can not only cause embarrassing flaking but it can be itchy and make it more difficult for your hair follicles to receive adequate nutrients from the products you’re using. Scalp Renewal can help! Scalp Renewal is like getting a facial for the scalp! This anti-aging treatment revitalizes and regenerates the scalp through exfoliation, eliminating product buildup and giving you a clean, healthy scalp again!

HydraFacial MD Keravive

Speaking of facials for the scalp, we also offer an amazing treatment for scalp renewal and increased hair health! It’s one of your favorite facials for the skin, the HydraFacial, for your scalp! This treatment is ideal for anyone who struggles with scalp flaking, itchiness, dryness, or irritation. It can also benefit people who suffer from hair thinning or hair loss due to hormonal, environmental, or stress factors by improving the health of the hair follicle. We’ll often recommend this treatment for our patients who are undergoing PRP hair restoration treatments at Radiance for added results and benefits!

Keratin Smoothing System

Keratin treatments are hugely popular at Radiance, especially in the summertime! We live in Texas and that humidity is no joke! The Keratin Smoothing system is an amazing solution that the stylists will apply to your hair and then seal in with a blow dry that will eliminate frizz and coarseness caused by damage and environmental factors! The Keratin treatment will give you silky smooth and shiny hair that takes on any level of heat or humidity!

Expert Products

Much of the health of our hair is dependent on not only what we have done at the salon but also what we do at home. Here at Radiance, we offer several amazing lines of expert hair products that can help to reverse the damage, lock in moisture, protect color treatments, enhance hair growth, and more! We are proud to offer the Kerastase and Moroccan Oil professional lines featuring shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hairsprays, leave-in treatments, and so much more! 

Stop in today and ask one of our expert stylists which products are perfect for your unique locks!