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Radiance is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. You can reach us via e-mail, leave us a message at 281-612-3928, or a schedule a virtual consultation.

Prejuvenation Skincare

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Prejuvenation Skincare During the COVID 19 Crisis

Ages 18 – 26

These are general recommendations for your age group, but our lifestyle can really impact our skin age. While we are quarantined, let’s try to remember we still need to take care of ourselves. Extra calories and alcohol will impact our skin negatively. We will have to come out into the light eventually. Let’s be sure we are ready!

We will want to meet you personally for a consultation to determine the best treatment plan, but for now…

Late teens through Mid-twenties (18-26)

Focus on prevention and maintaining healthy skin. You may still see acne. Fine lines may start to appear.

Home care:

Cleansers: Based on skin type; Enzymatic cleansers or cleansers with AHAs and BHAs

Moisturizers: Antioxidants (Vitamin C, E, resveratrol); Dependent on skin type – Hyaluronic Acid (HA) draws water into the skin)

Sun protection: Broad spectrum sun protection is alwayscrucial

Radiance treatments:

  • Monthly maintenance facials
  • Enzymatic exfoliation
  • Superficial chemical peels (lactic, salicylic)
  • Mechanical exfoliation (Diamond Glow, HydraFacial MD, Dermaplaning)

We look forward to seeing you when all this is behind us. Stay home and stay safe.

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