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Radiance Beauty Bank

Your Ticket to Beauty in 2021!

A New Year is the perfect time to join the Radiance Beauty Bank membership program so that you can be part of everything that Radiance has to offer.

What is Beauty Bank?

Think of any membership you’ve ever had for a spa or wellness facility and then give it a MAJOR glow up.

With typical memberships to places like gyms and tanning salons, there is a monthly fee, and the trouble is if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Here’s what sets Radiance Beauty Bank apart.

Beauty Bank is a monthly deposit starting at $89 per month. On the first of every month, your deposit will be placed into your Radiance Beauty Bank. After the deposit goes through, that money is yours to use OR save, whichever you choose.

The beauty of Beauty Bank is that it’s not based on a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality. Whether or not you come to Radiance for a service in a given month, that money is saved into your bank and you can use it whenever you’d like. We do not take any kind of fees or taxes on your monthly deposit so you don’t lose any money in the process!

Many clients have regular, monthly appointments and choose to use their Beauty Bank money on a regular basis. Other clients prefer to save up their Beauty Bank money to use on an “investment” treatment.

You’ll be depositing money every month so that you’ll pay less out of pocket when you come in for your services. Beauty Bank credits can be used for any service or retail item at Radiance.

That’s not it, though!

Beauty Bank Members have several advantages over non-Beauty Bank members. Here is a list of the perks that are included in your membership:

-Sign-Up Gift: Either 10 free units of Botox in an area you’ve never tried before or $100 credit towards a spa or salon service (issued once when you sign up for BB).

-$50 off of every syringe or vial of dermal filler you purchase.

-10% off of retail products all the time.

– A complimentary B12 Booster within your birthday month.

-Added discounts to our normal monthly specials.

Call us today to sign up for Beauty Bank! It’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!

Thank you for voting Radiance Medical Aesthetics the number one medical spa in The Woodlands.

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Radiance Beauty Bank

Radiance Beauty Bank is a free program that is designed just for you with your aesthetic goals in mind. It allows you to budget for your services and products at Radiance AND receive exclusive VIP member perks!


Bespoke Beauty

10 Free Units of Botox for a New Treatment Area

Free Quarterly Skin Imaging

Free Roadmap to Radiance Consultation & Treatment Plan

$50 Off Dermal Fillers

10% Off Products

Exclusive VIP Specials


Frequently Asked Questions

It is FREE! You make a monthly deposit into the Beauty Bank and apply it to your services and products when you come in for your treatments.

Your Beauty Bank funds can be used on any service or product we offer at Radiance, with the exception of Dr. Comeaux’s services.

So many! Beauty Bank helps you budget for your beauty needs. By depositing a set amount each month, you can avoid the sticker shock when you make larger purchases such as Botox or dermal filler. You also receive exclusive VIP specials each month just for Beauty Bank members. You will receive 10 free units of Botox for a new treatment area, 10% off products, $50 off each syringe of dermal filler, free quarterly Visia skin imaging, free Roadmap to Radiance consultation and treatment plan, and a free B12 birthday booster!

Of course! Your personalized Beauty Bank consultation will help you determine the amount you deposit each month to get the results you are looking for. If at any time you find you are depositing too much or too little, we are happy to change it for you. The minimum deposit is $89 per month.

You will simply pay the difference at your appointment.

Well, we will miss you, but you continue to make deposits and your Beauty Bank grows.  Come in and use it whenever you can.

We offer CareCredit Financing. Radiance Beauty Bank is not a finance program.

Memberships Starting at $89/Month

Start making monthly deposits into your customized Beauty Bank today to experience the exclusive VIP member benefits.