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Random Acts of Radiance

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Ever wonder why flight attendants tell us to give ourselves oxygen first before attending to our children? We women know why – If we go down, the whole plane goes down!

When the demands of job, house, kids, husband, parents, and pets become overwhelming, what do we do? We do more! We do laundry, we balance the checkbook, we wash the dog. Then we fall into bed usually too stressed and exhausted to actually sleep, and we do it all over again the next day.

What to do?

It’s no secret that when we offer up a random act of kindness, we not only make someone else’s day, we also improve our own. At Radiance, we want to take it a step further. Let’s learn to be kind to ourselves first, thereby nurturing the ones around us. In other words, caring for the ones we love, starts with caring for ourselves.

Time for Random Acts of Radiance!

Ask for help – We are here for you. Really! Remember how good you feel when you serve others. Don’t deny that privilege to someone who may be happy to give you a hand.

 Indulge yourself – Take a bath, watch an old movie, read a good book, take a power nap, get a mani/pedi. We are introducing some new treatments in our nail department at Radiance that are sure to be a real indulgence. Ask a Spa Coordinator or one of our professional nail technicians about the new Radiance Royal Manicures and Pedicures.

Be realistic – Stop trying to be perfect. Whoever said women could have it all died trying!

Keep a schedule – When you keep a calendar it puts you in charge of your time. Just getting things out of your head and onto paper in a nice orderly fashion can relieve a lot of stress.

Reconnect – Call your mother, your sister or an old friend, or better yet, go get her and take her to lunch. Ask a Radiance Spa Coordinator to help you plan a spa day to enjoy together. The ultimate indulgence!

Pay attention to your health – Over weight? High blood pressure? Can’t sleep? Our Functional Medicine program at Radiance can help. If Mama ain’t healthy, well, you know the rest…

Collect affirmations – Time to adjust your inner monologue? Adding just a few positive thoughts to your daily routine can create a dramatic shift in your life and mindset. Check out our Radiance Pinterest site for some of our favorites! Make a list and put it where you will see it every day.

Treat yourself to a massage – When was the last time? Not only will you appreciate the benefits of improved circulation and reduced stress, but you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

De-Clutter – Clear your house, clear your mind. If that’s not reward enough, then give us a call and we’ll help arrange a life changing make-over in our Salon at Radiance.

Get outside – There is nothing like nature to make you feel connected with the world. Grab your true love, your kids, your dog, or simply spend some time alone reflecting on the beautiful world around us.

This June we are celebrating our eighth anniversary of providing women, men, and teens with our expert beauty and wellness services. Over the eight years it has been our privilege at Radiance to not only help you turn back time through our results oriented aesthetics treatments, but also to encourage your participation in your own health and well-being though our functional medicine and weight loss programs. Stay tuned in the coming year as we continue to introduce the latest cutting-edge beauty and wellness treatments.

Thank you for making these eight years such a pleasure. 

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