The Metabolism Myth

Are you blessed with a high metabolism? Well, congratulations – We are all jealous! The truth is that metabolism is more complicated than just being fast or slow. Metabolism actually refers to calories you burn during the course of your day just staying alive: maintaining body temperature, breathing, and sending blood throughout your body.

Your metabolism is determined by three main factors: Muscle, gender and age. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Men have more muscle and, fair or not, women’s bodies are programmed to hold on to excess fat. Our metabolism also slows as we age, especially for women during menopause.

At Radiance and The Center for Medical Weight Loss, we can measure your metabolism to determine how many calories you can burn in a day, with and without added physical activity. We do this by calculating your BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the number of calories you burn at your current activity level.

We spend a lot of effort trying to lose weight, and surprisingly, our metabolism can actually decrease by as much as 20 percent when we do! Ironically, as we intake fewer calories, our bodies go into survival mode in an effort to prevent us from starving.

We can make some simple lifestyle changes that will keep our metabolism stimulated.

First of all, we need to increase our muscle mass. A pound of muscle burns up to nine times more calories than a pound of fat. At Radiance and the Center for Medical Weight Loss we can conduct a Body Composition Analysis to determine your body’s percentage of muscle, fat and water, and suggest ways to reduce your fat percentage and increase your muscle, such as starting a strength-training program. And, getting a good cardio work-out will elevate your metabolism for hours afterwards!

We could all eat more whole and natural foods. Processed foods raise our blood sugar levels and leave us feeling sluggish and less likely to exercise. Lean meats and vegetables give us more energy and let us burn calories more efficiently. Whole food powders can help those who are just getting accustomed to a whole food diet. Radiance offers Designs for Health’s PaleoGreens Organic Powder and Designs for Health PaleoReds Strawberry Powder for a whole food boost.

At Radiance we offer a wide variety of supplements related to weight control. Studies have shown that hot peppers can also increase your metabolism. Radiance offers Capsiate Natura, a new hot pepper pill only available in physicians’ offices. Capsiate Natura can help speed the metabolism without the side effects associated with eating hot peppers, like flushing and burning. You can also findLife Extension Optimized Irvingia Calorie Control Complex at Radiance, which helps to combat age-related fat accumulation. We also offer Lipo-B injections than help speed up the metabolism.During the month of September. Capsiate Natura and Optimized Irvinia will be offered at a 10% discount!

Plus, Radiance and The Center for Medical Weight Loss offers 100% natural meal replacements programs and professional weight loss counseling. So many ways to lose weight, keep it off, and stay healthy and beautiful! Getting started on a weight loss program with Radiance and The Center for Medical Weight Loss is easy.


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