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Radiance Advanced Skin and Body Care offers our UVLrx for patients in The Woodlands, Houston, Spring, and surrounding areas.

Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care is participating in an exciting investigation of a new multi-wavelength light therapy for the evaluation of treatment for the improvement of energy and overall quality of life. If you believe you may benefit from this therapy, please contact our practice to see if you are qualified.

Introducing the Model UVL1000 UVLrx Station from UVLrx Therapeutics. Our practice is pleased to offer the Model UVL1000 UVLrx Station light therapy device as part of our clinical offering. The Model UVL1000 UVLrx Station is an investigational use only device in the United States, specifically for use in IRB-approved clinical studies. UVLrx Therapeutics is currently conducting clinical studies on upper-respiratory infection (including influenza), chronic Lyme disease, chronic inflammation, post-surgical wound recovery and pain management at various locations. The Three Wavelengths The 3 wavelengths (UVA-365nm, Green-530nm and Red-630nm) are similar to the active ingredients in a formulation. Each one is there to perform a specific task and provide a specific aspect of therapy. Specific Indications and Therapeutic Protocols The UVLrx System is currently pending FDA Clearance. During this period patients may only undergo therapy sessions as part of one of our clinical trials currently being conducted across the United States. Physicians who undergo the qualifying procedure and registration process are able to administer this therapy to patients who must also be enrolled in a study. Participating physicians must meet the specific criteria and undergo training to be considered for the study. Once accepted, they all undergo more detailed training specific to the UVLrx Station and the therapy process.