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Why Functional Medicine is the Future

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If there is anything we can all agree on, it’s that we need some changes in healthcare.  Today, Americans spend approx. $2.5 TRILLION annually on healthcare with 75% going to treatment of chronic conditions.

People are sicker now than ever before, even though we have access to the greatest medical facilities in the world.

Why is this?

Because, for the most part, traditional medicine is designed to attend to immediate needs – to alleviate symptoms rather than treat the underlying problem.  A doctor’s visit may cure your sniffles, but it won’t guide you down a life-long path to overall wellness.  Health should not just mean the absence of disease or infirmity; it is the state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

Health Care vs. Sick Care

Healthcare costs in the US have become a burden we all share.  Just think, if we focused on wellness rather than sickness, we would have fewer ailments that require a doctor or hospital visit.  Our current system allows just enough time for a doctor to listen to our complaints and prescribe medicine to address a specific symptom.  This Sick Care focuses on sickness.  Where is the in-depth discussion of our health limitations and well-being?

Functional Medicine is based on the truth that our body’s physiological processes work in concert with each other.  When all areas of the body are functioning properly, health naturally follows.  The healthier we are, the less we use the Sick Care as it is today, and the less we all have to pay for it.

At Radiance we use scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing, and active discussion regarding your lifestyle, habits, and health concerns to assess your overall wellness.  Rather than pharmaceuticals, we use a combination of natural agents, such as supplements, herbs, and nutraceuticals to restore balance to your physiological processes.  We also discuss nutritional and lifestyle changes, offer spiritual and emotional counseling and education.

Wellness is the Way!

Just about everyone we know takes some kind of pharmaceutical regularly.  Cholesterol?  High blood pressure?  Can’t sleep?  Depressed?  Heart  disease?  Arthritis?  That’s no way to live, but popping a pill for every ill is not the path to life-long wellness.  It’s nothing but Sick Care, which is keeping us prisoners to pills and costing us all a fortune.

Schedule a consultation at Radiance to see how Functional Medicine can help you.

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