4 Hair Trends for Fall

4 hair trends for fall that you can try out!

4Hair Trends for Fall

With summer slowly fading away and fall just around the corner, it can seem hard not to pull out your oversized sweaters and boots. However, since 90 degree weather and warm clothing don’t mix, get ready for fall in a more comfortable way and try one of these hair trends.

  1. Low Profile Ponytails

Although top-knots and sock buns have been all the rage for the past couple of years, that trend is slowly hitting the hay. Instead, low profile ponytails are making a big come back and have been seen on runways everywhere. In order to give yourself this hairstyle, straighten your hair and smooth out the front, without making it look too sleek— a little unkempt hair never hurt anyone. Then pull your hair back into a low ponytail— voila! You have a low profile pony.

  1. Take Sides

When it comes to parting your hair this fall, opt for a drastic side part with a long bang or no bang at all. This sleek look is an easy way to transform your look from summer to fall in just one easy styling move. Remember that your hair has a natural part— either right to left or left to right. Whichever way your hair naturally parts is the way in which you should style your hair.

  1. Loose Bohemian Waves

With 2015’s spring and summer hair trends being centered around the loose bohemian waves, they still aren’t going anywhere. In fact, these bohemian waves are in full force during fall this year. Remember when styling your hair to not do big barrel curls with a curling iron, instead you are looking more for a beachy hair day look. Try using a styling product that will help accentuate your hair’s natural curl and texture and let it air dry.

This fall is all about the low-maintenance approach to hair. With stylists and celebrities everywhere hopping on the air-dry hair trend, it’s no wonder that these hair trends are quick and easy.

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