Allergan Fillers Explained!

Learn all about the different types of Allergan dermal fillers.

Allergan Fillers Explained!

This is a short summary to help you decode the Allergan filler mystery.  Allergan is the maker of Botox ®, and also owns the SkinMedica professional skincare line. They have recently acquired the CoolSculpting® body contouring system, all of which you can find at our medical spa, of course!

During your consultation we will analyze your skin and make suggestions based on your aesthetic goals. With the expert techniques we offer at Radiance, all of these dermal fillers will provide long-lasting natural looking results. All fillers are designed for both men and woman over the age of eighteen.

JUVÉDERM® XC injectable gel is an HA filler designed for effectively smoothing and softening moderate to severe facial wrinkles and lines, such as nasolabial folds (parentheses). It is proven to last up to12 months in adults.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC is for injection into the lips and area surrounding the mouth offering more volume to the lips. Its large particle size allows for long duration lasting up to 9 months in the lips.

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC injectable gel is made up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is a naturally occurring substance found in your skin. It’s great for deep injection in the cheek area to immediately correct age-related volume loss in adults. Clinically proven to last up to two years.

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC injectable gel is for adding subtle volume to the lips and softening the lip lines.  It may also be used to fill pitted acne scarring in the face. Volbella blends different molecular weights of HA, which allows it to create subtle volume that lasts for up to a year.

JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ XC is the newest addition to the JUVÉDERM® collection of fillers. This injectable gel softens moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles to create a smoother appearance.

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