Botox for Beginners

Curious about Botox but need more information before you try it? Keep reading!

botox for beginners

#1 – According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 6.7 million Botox procedures are performed yearly making it the most popular minimally invasive procedure in America. Why is it so popular? It has a proven track record of being extremely safe and it has a very high success rate. The results with Botox are undeniable!

#2 – Botox is NOT just for wrinkles on your face! There are many other medical uses of Botox – including facial sculpting (injected into the masseter muscle to sculpt the jawline and relieve jaw tension/pain) and hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

#3 – Botox is a common procedure, but the best results come from a skilled injector – and we have 3 of them! Radiance is one of the busiest Botox injectors in the Houston area. You are in expert hands when you receive your Botox injections at Radiance.

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