How to Lose and Maintain Weight with Ideal Protein

This blog is all about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss System at Radiance! Get rid of that excess weight that's been bugging you and adopt a healthier lifestyle!

You may have heard about the Freshman 15, but have you heard about the COVID 19?

For many of us, this pandemic has come with a side serving of weight gain. It’s hard when you’re stuck at home for long periods of time with unlimited access to the kitchen. It’s also hard when we’re anxious for our health and the health of our loved ones — because, personally, my instinctive response to this kind of external stress is baking some chocolate chip cookies.

Getting through another day of this pandemic is a victory in and of itself, so you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty for any of your coping mechanisms. However, if you’ve experienced weight gain over the last several months and you’d be happier with an improvement to your health and your appearance, we have just the solution.

We understand that weight loss is challenging. It’s hard to know where to begin, and which habits to defeat. But we have some good news: the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically-designed protocol aimed at helping you lose weight and keep it off in the long-term. It has 3 phases: weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance. With Ideal Protein, you will learn how to develop mindful eating habits and lifestyle choices.

During the first phase, the Weight Loss Phase, we induce your body’s fat-burning process, known as ketosis, by limiting carbohydrate intake. During ketosis, the body mobilizes stored fat as its alternative energy source, causing you to lose weight quickly. You will stay in the Weight Loss Phase until you have reached your weight loss goal!

After you have reached your goal weight, the second phase, Stabilization, will begin. During Stabilization, your body is fighting to regain lost weight, so this is a critical stage in which you have to re-learn how to properly fuel yourself with healthy foods. During a series of weekly follow-up sessions, we work with you to adjust your protein/fat/carbohydrate intake to effectively manage your appetite whilst maintaining your weight loss.

The final phase, Maintenance, lasts for the first 12 months after Stabilization. During the Maintenance phase, you’ll continue your education about healthy lifestyle choices and check in regularly — at least twice during these 12 months — with your nutrition coaches.

Whether losing weight is a New Year’s Resolution or simply something you want to do for yourself, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method can not only teach you how to lose weight, but also how to maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term!