Microneedling at Radiance

This blog is all about the microneedling treatment at Radiance!

Although it might seem counterintuitive, many skin treatments—including microneedling—work by temporarily causing micro-damages to the skin. When your body senses a wound, it goes into overdrive to repair it, leaving your skin healthier and more vibrant than it was before.

A microneedling treatment is exactly what it sounds like. Small needles lightly puncture the top layer of your skin. It doesn’t hurt as much as it sounds, because topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment. Because the skin is being punctured, this treatment is best performed in a controlled medical setting, by an experienced professional.

In addition to being in a sanitary environment, another benefit of having a professional microneedling treatment is that the needles are longer than you’d find in at-home devices, which gives more dramatic results.

Microneedling benefits

Microneedling specifically aims to improve overall skin texture and firmness of the skin.  The controlled injury to the skin actuates the body to create new collagen and elastin. It is recommended to help reduce pore size and to improve the texture and firmness of their skin. Another benefit of microneedling is that it can help reduce the appearance of acne scars by evening out the skin around the depressions. Skin will look more radiant almost immediately, and you may see tightening and smoothing benefits for weeks afterward.

Common microneedling side effects  

As you’d expect, anytime you inflict even a small amount of purposeful damage to your skin, you’re going to experience a few side effects. (Even scratching an itch can leave a faint mark.) That being said, microneedling side effects are generally pretty mild and to be expected.

Redness after microneedling is a common side effect, but this subsides within a few hours. Some discomfort and swelling are also somewhat common, but these side effects don’t happen to all and should also subside within a few hours.  Additionally, after a microneedling treatment, your skin is more sun-sensitive because it’s more exposed due to the tiny punctures from the needles. For that reason, it’s important to wear a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Another microneedling side effect is that it can make your skin more sensitive when applying products. In the 48 to 72 hours following your microneedling treatment, it is recommended to avoid products with alcohol (which can cause stinging) and active ingredients, including retinoids, AHAs, and BHAs.

These ingredients will be too strong right after microneedling is done.  Instead, use a mild cleanser and hydrating serum and don’t exfoliate or scrub the skin too soon after your treatment.  The Radiance Renewal Post Procedure kit is perfect for use after microneedinling or any procedure that injures the skin.  

What are the microneedling risks?

Microneedling is a safe and effective skin-care treatment that’s approved for all skin tones. However, those with eczema, rosacea, active acne, unhealed facial wounds, or very sensitive skin should avoid microneedling treatments. It’s also not recommended for those on blood thinners or for heavy alcohol drinkers.

Because the skin is technically being wounded through small punctures, microneedling treatments should be performed in professional and hyper-sterile settings. There are home devices you can buy that have smaller needle lengths, but they are not recommended by skin-care professionals because they’re difficult to keep clean, which could inadvertently cause you to push bacteria into your skin, and most people don’t know how much pressure to apply when using these devices.

Home microneedling devices, including dermarollers, can cause scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. They are user-dependent and not standardized.  When performed by an experienced clinician, this treatment is safer and will provide better results.

How long does it take to see microneedling results?

It can take some time before you start to see microneedling benefits. The best results—including improved texture, reduced fine lines, smaller pores, and firmer skin—are typically seen four to six weeks after your treatment. Though it takes time to see these changes, the good news is that these are long-term results that can be maintained with consistent treatments.

How do I know if I’m a candidate?

Call us for your complimentary consultation. We will work with you to determine if microneedling should be a part of your aesthetic journey. 281-367-4700.