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All about inflammation and how to avoid it.

Inflammation has been indicated as the single most contributing factor in advanced aging and the development of chronic illness and disease. In fact, almost all common diseases are caused by or affected by hidden inflammation – heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, cancer, and dementia, and even most auto-immune diseases, allergies, and digestive disorders have hidden inflammation as the root cause. The most common symptom of hidden inflammation is fatigue. Inflammation can come from a variety of factors, and conventional medicine uses C-reactive protein labs as a measurement of inflammation. However, this marker doesn’t give us any information as to what is causing the inflammation or how to go about correcting it. It only lets us know that it exists. Even if this marker is normal, it fails to detect the presence of hidden inflammation.

The current conventional treatment for inflammation is to use drugs to reduce inflammation such as non-steroidals (aspirin or ibuprofen) or steroid drugs (prednisone) or even the more dangerous immune modulators, but they do nothing to address the cause in the first place. These drugs have side effects and can even worsen the problem or create new problems. More people have died from these drugs than die from asthma or leukemia!

With Functional Medicine we look at triggers and causes of inflammation in order to thwart the effects at the source. My focus is to find all the factors that are contributing to the hidden inflammation that is unique to each person. In using advanced metabolic and stool testing I can identify and squash hidden inflammation and restore the body’s own natural function.

I use a whole body approach to find and eliminate all the sources of hidden inflammation by making recommendations for diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes that are tailored and appropriate for each individual. By supporting the metabolic processes and eliminating hidden inflammation, your body will improve detoxification that will contribute to reversing and slowing the aging process, and even rid you of dependence on these toxic medications.

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by: Gail Clayton, R.Ph., M.S., CNS