Live Pain-Free with TheraTox®!

You don't have to suffer from chronic pain! TheraTox® can help!

Theratox® is a patented technique to relieve pain and improve function. Our three expert injectors here at Radiance Medical Aesthetics &Wellness, trained with Leslie Fletcher, RN, NP, the creator of the technique.  Lauren Olson, PA-C, Holli Tindall, RN and Monica Norton, RN are now certified to perform these treatments along with MicroTox® and NasalTox®. Although Botox® is FDA cleared to treat the horizontal forehead wrinkles, the Glabellar (frown) lines and crow’s feet, it is used ‘off label’ supportedby clinical trials to treat the following:




·      Scar reduction,

·      facial twitching,

·      excessive sweating of the face, scalp, underarms,

·      TMJ pain,

·      facial pain due to bruxism (teeth grinding),

·      migraines,

·      evening out facial features in facial paralysis eitherdue to stroke, bell’s palsy or secondary to nerve damage

·      Trapezius muscle spasms

·      Back pain

·      Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

·      Plantar fasciitis

·      Carpal Tunnel pain

·      Writer’s cramp

·      Allergic rhinitis

·      Neuropathic pain


If traditional treatments have not been effective for you, TheraTox® may be the solution you are looking for!  

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