Meet Emface!

Introducing our newest anti-aging service, the Emface!

We are so excited about our brand new service, Emface! Emface is a revolution in facial treatment that targets muscles and skin at the same time to tighten, lift, and tone the face, restoring facial contouring without any pain, needles, or invasive procedures! Sounds pretty amazing, right? 

How Does Emface Work? 

Emface simultaneously treats both the facial skin and muscle using synchronized RF and HIFES technology. The RF (radio frequency) targets the skin by lifting, firming, and tightening it while the HIFES (high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation) selectively targets muscles to increase their density and quality of structure to rejuvenate and restore the appearance of the skin, creating a lifted, toned effect! 

What Can Emface Do for Your Skin? 

Through clinical studies, Emface has shown to reduce wrinkles, increase muscle tone, and facial lifting by high percentages! Emface will give you younger-looking, fresher, more toned, and tight skin! You’ll look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated! 

The Emface treatment is completely painless and only takes 20 minutes per session. The feeling of the treatment can be compared to a facial massage with warm sensations and gentle pulsations, similar to a hot stone massage. 

Emface has zero downtime so you can get up and go about your day immediately after the treatment! The suggested protocol is four 20 minute sessions 7-10 days apart. For excessive laxity, additional sessions may be necessary.  Patients will want to experience a 20 minute session quarterly to maintain the effect (since unfortunately the aging process continues).

If you want more toned, tighter, contoured skin without needles or surgery, Emface is the perfect treatment for you! Are you a candidate?  Call Radiance to schedule a consultation and be on the way to a new, rejuvenated YOU!