Take Your Injectables to the Next Level with MicroTox® and NasalTox®!

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MicroTox® & NasalTox®


MicroTox® and NasalTox® are patented techniques of using Botox® in an off-label manner to address facial and skin issues. Our expert injectors, Lauren Olson, PA-C, Holli Tindall, RN and Monica Norton, RN trained with Leslie Fletcher, RN, NP, the creator of this patented technique, and are now certified in the method of MicroTox®, NasalTox® and TheraTox ®.   Botox®is FDA cleared for reducing horizontal forehead lines, frown lines and crow’sfeet, but can be used ‘off label’ for the issues below:



· Eyelid tightening        

· Eyelid lifting      

· Brow shaping

· Brow lifting

· ‘Bunny line’ reduction

· Opening up the eye

· Opening one eye more

· Slimming bridge of the nose

· Reducing bump on the nose

· Reducing nasal flare

· Lifting the tip of the nose

· Jaw slimming

· TMJD pain relief

· Facial slimming

. Parotid slimming

· ‘Wattle’ reduction

· Gummy smile

· Crepey under eyes

· Calf slimming

· Jaw straightening

· Treating a crooked smile

· Trapezius slimming

· Bell’s Palsy

· DAO muscle relaxing (down turned mouth)

· Pebbly chin

· Square smile

· Gummy smile

· Lip flip

· Cupid’s bow enhancement

· Horizontal line under nose

· Lipstick wrinkles

· Body of lip wrinkles

· Scar reduction

· Skin textural changes (MicroTox®)

· Tightening of the nose

· Tightening of the face

· Tightening of the jaw

· Tightening of the neck

· Smoothing of pores (MicroTox®)

· Reduction of facial flushing (MicroTox ®)

· Decreased sebum production (MicroTox®)

· Twitching

· Smoothing of forehead dent

· Nefertiti neck lift

· Jelly eye roll

· Platysmal (neck) bands

· Submandibular gland shrinking


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